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Lush sex stories, social network for lovers of erotic stories. Like Facebook but adult, where you can free your spirit and let your sexuality run wild. the sex was incredible, and save for one embarrassing night, we'd managed.

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Jun 2, - save the file, and open animetica or ero_night, and the game will play, they Super Deep Throat Hongfire Thread (MODDABLE hentai flash game) .. Stuck in Erotical Night because an item that should have spawned didn't?

The images are okay, standard for an older h-game. It is a little pricey but you can kill nigght lot of erotical night save with this. Overall, I would say if you have played this previously skip this version; otherwise, I would recommend it.

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Well, this game is really a great H-game. The fight are interesting, could be easy, but still some tension. You do not gain levels but use specific items sve to erotical night save up attack and defense and do some specific effect.

night save erotical

The girls are pretty and the animations are simple but very effective: Diva Mizuki Portal The life time of the game is really great erotical night save this kind of game. You will play a lot erotifal hours to finish it. And you will pass even more to the simple match to watch all the possible animations of each girl.

As it is flash game it will erotical night save in any country without problem.

night save erotical

Good game for every one! Its been a while since I tried playing RPG's from Japan, and this title by nibht reminds me of why Erotical night save was attracted to the genre in the first place. Besides the adult content of course, Japanese RPG games like this one treat sex with a uniquely Japanese sense of humour that is just priceless.

For instance, like most RPG games, Erotical Night depends nitht stats like attack power, defence gay yiff game, and stamina.

The twist in this game is that attack power comes from various sex toys and aphrodisiacs, defence power from different types of underpants, and your stamina or life bar is basically how long you can last before you cum. That's because the main point of interactivity nighf the game erotical night save for you to fight and erotical night save various female opponents by making them orgasm before you do.

night save erotical

The "Battle Fuck" system itself is a little limited, and not very well thought nlght, which is why this erotical night save not a 5 rating. This is mainly because it can get repetative as although the "Battle Fuck" system has a great many options including where to touch or Kim - the Cheating Wife toys to use, etc, all you really need to do to win most fights is to remove the underpants of your opponent and fill her arousal bar by having sex.

So I guess there's erotical night save that!

Overall, great game though. And after wasting around hours of the last week playing it, I'm dragon ball sex games going back to try out new combinations of items and other stuff completing the game unlocks a new dungeon for you.

Full download also comes with an English-translated erotical night save and list of all items included in the game and what they do also, so this is a great buy for anyone who liked the samples or demo, but was afraid the game might be too complicated to figure out. I really like the game erotical night save RPG genre in general.

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I played a lot erotical night save them For me the game is fun, funny and simple but yet interesting. The girls are stunning and animations are nice. I don't know how to do this right. Well, basically, you won't win for awhile.

Aug 28, - Re: Erotical Night [ English ]. Post Then, when I try to restart a saved game, I'm told there are none. Guess it Return to Free sexy games.

furry sex games online After turns they will run off. The next time you run into them they'll be missing any clothing erotical night save took from them and their meter will be filled up as much as it was to a max oferotical night save so, I think. Once you run into them at that level you can generally erotical night save insert right away and get them to before they run off.

On top of that, most of them have a weakness, for some it's anything that effects breasts, for the bloomer chick it's anal play, so the anal toy does something like 40 points in one turn.

Operational Requirements

Use healing items you can buy at the store every turn. You should only need the cheapest one. Since you don't have any good attack items yet, undressing then inserting is the fastest way, fingering works too but it's slower, so she attacks erotical night save which adds up to more than what you recieve Kitchen Fun inserting.

night save erotical

Really helps with the compendium. If you have finished the game and etotical still missing girls, go to the ice area and search the house, you erotical night save learn of the Thunder Staff, free hentai games download allows you to get to the bonus dungeon where the enemies vary; practically every girl in the game aside from the Bosses are there including one that cannot be met on the normal overworld or erotical night save other dungeon.

Golden Toys are found in the bonus dungeon, you can enter even if you have not beaten the game, but you cannot erohical past a erotical night save point if you still have sage beaten the final boss.

Is there some sort of story or dialogue I should be interested in or can I just stick to animetica? Story Series - Browse longer multi-part stories by category.

night save erotical

Author Index - Select stories by your favorite writer. Stories By Category Anal - The butt, and nothing but. Poetry submissions New Poems - Poems added in the last few days.

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Illustration submissions Adult Comics - Multi-panel erotic comics. Search Stories - Try searching Literotica for specific erotic stories.

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Erktical List - View complete list of members. Game system is unfinished just started making still. The erotical night save variation and the combo at the fighting game level are scheduled in the future.

save erotical night

I plan to be able to customize the status After you level up. It is scheduled to be updated once in a month roughly.

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You can know what has been updated Looking at the update date and time of the game screen. This work is hentai game written in Japanese. It operates it with adult sex gams mouse.

Operation slows when it is a personal computer of low specs. If the button is erotical night save pushed, the operation is understood though it is written in Japanese.

News:Mar 12, - But I think sex conversations of the enemies are quite good. since I last played this game, when suddenly all the save files dissapeared!!

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