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The kind people at New H2O have decided to host the "Sin Is Deep" Mixtape and make it available both stream and download at the their website. Come show your support, download this EPIC album, and share the news on twitter! Download the mixtape directly at http://newh2o.com/2015/10/23/conscience-sin-is-deep-free-project/
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New Single, “Saints” by. Conscience

  With pleasure I would like to introduce to you the second installment to my mix tape. This track has a lot going on in it content wise, but essentially it is an encouragement record about those who have been changed by God. Being a Saint is not easy. At times we question the legitimacy of our faith, battle with our own selfish desires and attacks from the world, and push to continue grow...
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Long Story Long

So, people have been wondering, "Dang Conscience where the heck have you been?" I was posting tons of material on my blog and then I went for about a week not posting anything. Well here's a long story long. In the last week I got sick twice. Typically a few times a year my body gets these crazy aches and pains that are unbearable and it usually is accompanied by some flu-like symptoms. When circ...
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