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Seasonal Post #1!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have now reached an excellent ideal amount of activity on this brand new blog. In honor of this, I have posted my upcoming album release, "The Freemixes" Mixtape 2010 which is now available in downloadable format for FREE! This offer is for a limited time seeing as I have my music player  (under the "Music" section of this website) set to a max download limit of 500 people...
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Dream Big!

Setting up a studio I would like to facility to have a  lot of space so I can do multiple projects at once without being distracted or feeling crammed. Preferably, the facility needs to be located some where in Chandler, Arizona.The only equipment needed would be several easels and a lot of wall space. I would like to share the space with a few artists who are motivated to crank out work and insp...
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Career Goals

Short Term 1) I would like to get into a gallery exhibition whether it is a one piece submission or an entire series. 2) I would like to organize time to continue to create work while I am in school outside of class work. 3) I would like to convert my blog URL to www.ConscienceHipHop.com 4) I would like to purchase a studio space. 5) I would like to organize a city wide tour for my music for ...
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Traveling Jeans!

Recently I was asked to become involved with a program at Fredmont Highschool  called the, "Traveling Jean Journal". Basically, I was given an envelope with a journal and a pair of jeans inside. They wanted me to read the freshman student's journal and respond with a small blurb about myself along with some kind of artistic work done to the jeans. This was done by students all around Arizona ...
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Artist Statement

Since I was little I could never choose one path for success. Even if I could, what is success? Is that success defined mutually among the audience and myself? These are questions I found myself constantly engaging myself in. My whole life has consisted of not answers but rather the step before the answer. For most the feeling is a good enough answer. For others, the feeling leads to an excitement...
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The “Lasting Impressions” Art Exhibition At ASU Art Museum in Tempe, Arizona (Review)

Above is a print currently being displayed at the Arizona State University Art Museum for the "Lasting Impressions" Art Exhibition. These works are prints of what appears to be water color and ink mediums done by a variety of Japanese Artists. At this gallery you can expect spacious area with a dim tan lighting reflecting throughout the whole room to really allow the audience to engage with the ...
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