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Music Recommendation: J.Miles, “Slave Trade” EP

No whips. No chains. No plantations. Yet everyone is still a slave. Slavery usually causes thoughts of savage and inhumane treatment, but regardless of what comes to mind, the truth of the matter is, we’re all slaves. And like all slaves, we are bound to the will of our master. All men obey the one that they are enslaved to – either Jesus and righteousness or sin and Satan. It is this truth that ...
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The Invasion Tour Cypher feat. Good News Gang, Omri, Conscience, Pablo Armando

During this last weekend's Invasion Tour featuring No Malice and Bizzle I had the pleasure of opening this show with a few friends/fellow artists of mine. Here's some footage of the cypher that took place. Artists include: Good News Gang, Omri, Pablo Armando, and myself. Enjoy and feel free to leave comments!
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