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Seasonal Post #4 (Hero)

Song lyrics: In the sky its a bird its a plane nah who dat // everybody want me to save them I cant do dat // got a little shine now they wonder where the loot at// the life of an artist I had to pursue that // Superman artist laugh, "Yea true dat!"// thats why they laugh when they always ask, "where the suit at?"// they say, "You are...my... SUPERHERO! These are lyrics from a friend of mi...
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Seasonal Post #3

AGE. I hate the word. Makes me realize how brittle I actually am. Anyways, I have a funny story about the time my brother was the happiest kid in the world. The story starts out on the side of an apartment complex in tempe. I had found that nearby in a local business shed there was an endless supply of wood- large cuts! This may sound a little goofy but for a 12 year old and his brother(me) it was...
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Exhibition (Review) “Jump To Japan 2010

Very recently I had the privilege of attending the latest Exhibit at the Arizona Museum for Youth "Jump To Japan" Exhibition Arizona Museum For Youth 35 North Robson Street Mesa, AZ 85201 (480) 644-2468 This museum had a ton of material to offer for children. It was essentially a commemorative thanks to Japan for their contribution to youth development through anime cartoon work. This exhibit had...
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Seasonal Post #2!

Being in college it seems games are far from your interest. What kind of games do you play? Well, my girlfriend and I have a game we play once a week where we purchase two five hundred piece puzzles and each of us races to see who can complete their puzzle the fastest. My girlfriend Allie has a more open schedule than mine so she usually wins with ease, but one day I will win! Anyways, in addition...
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Elevator Pitch!

Hello, my name is M Brown ( also known as, "Conscience") and I am currently attending Arizona State University for Painting. I place an emphasis on Acrylic and Mixed media art work and outside of that I am a Hip Hop artist performing all around the state of Arizona. I have been honing my crafts for the last ten years with hopes to bring a message of encouragement to the arts and expression through...
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Seasonal Post #1!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have now reached an excellent ideal amount of activity on this brand new blog. In honor of this, I have posted my upcoming album release, "The Freemixes" Mixtape 2010 which is now available in downloadable format for FREE! This offer is for a limited time seeing as I have my music player  (under the "Music" section of this website) set to a max download limit of 500 people...
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Dream Big!

Setting up a studio I would like to facility to have a  lot of space so I can do multiple projects at once without being distracted or feeling crammed. Preferably, the facility needs to be located some where in Chandler, Arizona.The only equipment needed would be several easels and a lot of wall space. I would like to share the space with a few artists who are motivated to crank out work and insp...
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Career Goals

Short Term 1) I would like to get into a gallery exhibition whether it is a one piece submission or an entire series. 2) I would like to organize time to continue to create work while I am in school outside of class work. 3) I would like to convert my blog URL to www.ConscienceHipHop.com 4) I would like to purchase a studio space. 5) I would like to organize a city wide tour for my music for ...
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