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Artist Spotlight | A.B “A.Bnormal” Project

Artist Spotlight

Austin “A.B” Burton

A.B is easily one of the most interesting cats on my radar for 2016, and rightfully so for many reasons. His sound is well rounded behind and very quickly both noticeable and catchy the moment you turn on a song. His talent is in the fact that each time you hear his music, you never know what your gonna get, but when you hear it, immediately you will go, “YEP! That’s A.B.” His ability to have a polished sound but test the musical waters is a rare artifact in the game right now and his message is brash with a heavy dose of honesty. The depth of his transparency is his trademark to the many fans he cherishes, and he always has a story, a vibe, and a message for everybody. At the core of all his content, his message is clear- God is real ,your a fool to live without him, and don’t be ashamed of the uniqueness that God has wired you to be. While he fine-tunes his own identity in the craft, he makes sure to affirm others as much as possible. Bottom line, this is a solid dude who would give you the shirt off his back.


This album un-ashamedly dives into the heartfelt, quirky, and trial-filled life of Austin “A.B” Burton- and let me tell yah- It’s a wild ride! A.B manages to pack a heavy track listing that could very well be a double album all in one. It’s a crafty skill to be able to thread so many songs together without feeling crowded, but it’s absolutely necessary to both the title as much as the artist too. I had the pleasure of working with A.B and doing life with him and without question he put his heart and soul into this project with the help of his loved ones and well-known affiliate group, The Good News Gang. This project BANGS HARD! Don’t get it twisted he has a song for everything and his hooks are as catchy as his delivery. Often times I talk to an artist and summarize their opinions about their work, but this was just too clear to chop up. Here’s what A.B had to say about, “A.Bnormal”.

“The goal of this tape was to give a chance for the listener to really get to know who A.B is. Not only as an artist, but as a person as well. I wanted to give different angles from personality, style, and a wide variety of music. Also a chance to see struggles that I go through-even to this day, which I believe is lacking in hip-hop today. What I hope you get from this project is that we can be real with our struggles and who we are with God. Before Christ I was definitely abnormal, and even after Christ changed my life, I’m still able to be who God created me to be, which of course is, abnormal.”

Is there much else to say?! Here are some of the bangin’ singles from this project:

A.B- Chillin On Riverside

A.B- Odd Ball Junciton

This project is 100% free and well worth support if you care to donate toward his ministry. If you do not have this project you are missing out on a whole lot. He is one of the hardest working people I know and has gone through enough trials for two lifetimes, so best believe everything he has to say is intentional, real, and penetrates the soul. A.B has an endless amount of possibility this year and with a mini-tour in line as well as a solo album, keep your eyes on this incredible artist!


Click below for a free download of, “A.Bnormal”.


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