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The Squad Diaries pt. 2

Before I jump into what was discussed in this weeks meeting I wanted to touch briefly on a topic from last meeting since I am beginning these diaries a bit late.

One of the things I mentioned to my friends a while back was the importance of transparency. Transparency is so crucial in a relationships with people, a spouse, family, and ultimately God. Your level of transparency with another has the ability to often times set the Tone and Pace of a relationships depth. This last month I started to sense a burning desire to answer this simple question, “What kind of fruit comes from a life of complete transparency?” We keep so many things private for many reasons:

  • to hold onto something of value
  • to be hidden from certain realities
  • to postpone, halt, or prevent hurt on ourselves and others
  • to keep relationships
  • to add to the layer of depth of a friendship(s)
  • because our experiences with people create a levels of trust to which we meet equally or relatively with a some level of transparency.

Here are some positive reasons why someone might choose to be transparent:

  • to add a new layer of/or solidify value in relationship(s)
  • to identify or share experiences corporately for the sake of unity and comfort
  • to lay bare the most true honest pieces of your personhood, therefore expanding someones large picture view of you.


What does it look like to have a healthy biblical view of transparency? If we were to use this effectively, how could it strengthen our real relationships and cut out unnecessary ones? I am simply putting this out there for people to reflect on your own relationships and how healthy they are at this very moment. I hope to follow up with a part 2 of this blog post to bring some clarity to transparency that I know we all can benefit from in the near future. Thank you so much for checking this out, if you have any questions, contributions, or resources you want to share please feel free to contact me, I would love to build.


God Bless.


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