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The Squad Diaries pt. 1

For some time now a few friends and I have had a serious desire for genuine friendships, hospitality to our local community, and transparent/organic brotherhood. We all come from very different church backgrounds, schools of thought, and have all too long seen the divisions that sin has created among people. We wanted to do something about it and we did. We began meeting once a week for the sake of encouraging one another, celebrating who God is and what he has done/is doing for an undeserving people, discuss the most popular issues of our times, and grow in an unconditional selfless love/service to people. I wanted to diary about it so that people can relate and be educated on what genuine, healthy, and God-glorifying friendships look like by God’s definition. God has rescued us from all walks of life and continues to pursue us daily for his glory and our good. What an amazing thing! If you are a believer of Jesus, keep pushing on for the sake of the gospel. If you aren’t, get to know the God who made all people and things!

p.s. | I will be making a post later this evening highlighting some of the discussion from this week since we’ve been meeting for almost a month now. I just wanted to introduce everyone to what I am now calling, “The Squad Diaries.” Stay tuned!

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