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Long Story Long

So, people have been wondering, “Dang Conscience where the heck have you been?” I was posting tons of material on my blog and then I went for about a week not posting anything. Well here’s a long story long.

In the last week I got sick twice. Typically a few times a year my body gets these crazy aches and pains that are unbearable and it usually is accompanied by some flu-like symptoms. When circumstances like these come into play I usually eat all fruit, vegetables, and water for the entire day with tons of rest. Usually I can shake these symptoms off in two days if I stay disciplined. I also got into a car accident (don’t worry, the people involved in the crash including myself are all okay) but it was tough. Talk about a financial blow to my wallet. God is good none the less! Everyone was safe and I was able to continue living pain free. So, after  many issues I was able to get a rental car which eventually had a crack in the windshield that spread severely causing me to have to get a whole other car for work. Another instant of God’s grace is that last week I got this incredible urge to organize all of my data on my computer and back it up to my external hard drive. The day after this ~20 hour process my computer’s hard drive completely failed on me! I only lost a few current projects I was working on but other than that the other essential 400gigs of data (aka my life) was preserved on the external drive. Praise God! After a ton of investigating, buying parts, replacing parts, and returning parts my computer is almost up and running. There’s a lot more to this story but these are the most unexpected circumstances that were sprinkled into my somewhat normal life, and have crippled for a short time, my ability to post on my blogsite. Thank you for being so understanding I will probably start posting as usual around the weekend if not sooner- depending on if my computer is up and running earlier thane expected. Take this moment if you haven’t yet, to checkout the projects and work of myself and others on this website and connect with me if you have any comments. I appreciate you all!

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