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Music Recommendation: J.Miles, “Slave Trade” EP


No whips. No chains. No plantations. Yet everyone is still a slave. Slavery usually causes thoughts of savage and inhumane treatment, but regardless of what comes to mind, the truth of the matter is, we’re all slaves. And like all slaves, we are bound to the will of our master. All men obey the one that they are enslaved to – either Jesus and righteousness or sin and Satan. It is this truth that J. Miles seeks to communicate with his debut EP, Slave Trade.Just as slaves experienced times of intense joy, hope, the burden of daily toil, and anguish because of life’s hardships, Slave Trade engages listeners in a range of experiences musically. From the personal heart-felt tone of Love Letters, featuring the melodic voice of Leah Smith, to the energetic beat and catchy hook on Kill It For His Glory, as well as the lyrical complexity of Identical Strangers, Slave Trade is sure to engage listeners of all types.The heart behind the truths communicated on Slave Trade initially came out of a sermon series on Romans 6. It was through these teachings that J. Miles was challenged and convicted to allow the truth about his identity as Jesus’ slave to be his strongest motivation to live a life of obedience. J. Miles has grown to love and enjoy freedom from sin and slavery to Jesus, and it is his hope that Slave Trade will encourage others, and also beg the question, “Who’s Your Master?”

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