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Lyrics from Conscience’s Cypher Verse

Most of the emcees from last weeks cypher wrote their verses specifically for the Invasion Tour performance, so there was a unique opportunity to hear great styles, approaches, and Christ-centered-ness with each verse. For my verse in particular here are my lyrics. If you have any questions feel free to contact me, I’d love to answer them!

Eyes wide I’ve awakened…said bye to the hiatus/
Front-stage I climb basics/
Decline greatness mind made I’m Christ’s slave/
I applied same script…Gospel…Amen?/
The brethren assembled the slave ship…achin’/
Arm-locked kinks in the armor the Spirit sanctifies/
My flesh…divine ties…God’s montage ordained in high def…wi-fi/
The skyline reflects’em-Abba we rest in
Allah deflect’em-Tadah, impressive!/
Awe struck my body gets nauseous/
At sins weight…eternal what would it cost us?/
Off path…lost stuck…/
But God intercepted my path…through blood I was washed up/
The sin that came in my flaws…now erased and my heart/
Got replaced with the new…new behavior and thoughts/
See one sin is eternally offensive/
Certainly were cut off…eternities the sentence/
Now times that by the number of sins I’ve committed/
Only if we start there do we understand redemption/
Now contrast that to a world full of witnesses/
Permanently is the cross…worshipped by kinship/
His purchase…Finished…he purges…cleanses/
So serve him cause this type of love brings forgiveness/

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