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Artist Statement

Since I was little I could never choose one path for success. Even if I could, what is success? Is that success defined mutually among the audience and myself? These are questions I found myself constantly engaging myself in. My whole life has consisted of not answers but rather the step before the answer. For most the feeling is a good enough answer. For others, the feeling leads to an excitement powered by the idea of endless possibility. In my work, I don’t chase after answers to problems, fascinate myself with one medium until I’m sick to my stomach, or even stick with the techniques I am good at.  I enjoy creating works that carry an energy- an energy that is so intense it generates feeling that motivates enlightenment. Nowadays, our societies lack the optimism and magic. We aren’t stunned anymore. We don’t choose what to enjoy but rather enjoy what we are told to enjoy.  What powers my work is the goal to put the viewer into a place, where the identity that approaches and views my work does not feel complete until later unlocking some new identity for themselves in their lives. Hopefully my work will be the bridge to this discovery. To build this bridge I use any medium necessary and bring a lot of subconscious, unplanned, free color seeing as feeling is the most important tool in my work.

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